NLE Choppa's 2020 XXL Freshman Freestyle

NLE Choppa plays for keeps in his 2020 XXL Freshman freestyle.

NLE Choppa's 2020 XXL Freshman Freestyle Song Info

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Directed @travissatten
Produced @ritemediagroup

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[Verse: NLE Choppa]
Ayy, one thing for sure, I ain't never been a runner
Hangin' out the window, I was always gunnin'
Got a little feet work, then I start huntin'
Take 'em out the game, I'ma kill all opponents
Even in the rain, I'll go drill, homie
Speakin' on my name, bitch, you know I don't condone it

Just leave the stain, leave no blood up on it
Rock 'em to sleep, we ain't doin' no peace
Treaties, we want that lil' bitch underneath
Draco in reach, if he reachin', I'm teachin'
I'm shootin', he leakin' until he decеased
Playin' for keeps, I'm runnin' with thiеfs

Still do a drill while I'm bumpin' Keef
Tell him, "Come see," but hе know what it be
Whole lotta Crips when he pull in the streets
Snort you a Perc' and you think you a killer
I went, did a drill but I was sober, my nigga
Hunnid some shots when I walk 'em down

Day before I said I was gon' overkill 'em
Fold nigga, stand over and then watch his soul shrivel
So many dirty guns up in the river
I wanna go get 'em but I got somethin' bigger
Got so many guns, I ain't gotta bargain
Just got a Drac' but I'm waitin' on the drum

Crip, but I move like a snake, anaconda
Play my role then I tell 'em to run
Find the location, you know that we on it
See 'em escape and I'm chasin' 'em, slumpin'
Them whole lotta murders, we been there and done that
We killin' these niggas like we was Corona

Ayy, I brought my stick into this fight
I feel like somethin' wasn't right
Grip it tight, move wrong, move funny, take his life
That's on sight, tombstone, his new home, new pip
We get 'em dead by the end of the night

Directed : @travissatten Produced : @ritemediagroup

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